Channel Health Website (2001)

Complementary website to Channel Health television service, featuring daily editorial features, news, and streaming video. One of the first UK television stations to include video on demand of its current programme schedule.

James Ramsay was Vice-President of Programming & Content at Channel Health, responsible for all original production, on-air branding, programme acquisition, scheduling, broadcast operations and interactive services — including (inactive link) website and BSkyB red-button services.


About James Ramsay

James Ramsay has firmly established his café credentials at watering holes in Montreal, Paris, London and Berlin. He's put in his time as flâneur extraordinaire and crown prince of Slackerdom. There is little he likes more than a double espresso, a Leffe (or when in German-speaking lands, a large Hefeweissen) and a wall of sun. Look for him on the most brilliant terraces.
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