VisibleVision GmbH – Berlin (2009-10)

James Ramsay was Head of Post-Production for from the launch of VisibleVision GmbH in Berlin on 2 February 2009 until the end of 2009. From January-July 2010 he was Head of Product Management for this low-cost, high volume HD video factory.

The company produced short promotional videos for small and medium-sized business, as well as extensive travelogues of over 70 cities, worldwide for

Sample videos

City Portraits

Product Videos

Berlin Museum


About James Ramsay

James Ramsay has firmly established his café credentials at watering holes in Montreal, Paris, London and Berlin. He's put in his time as flâneur extraordinaire and crown prince of Slackerdom. There is little he likes more than a double espresso, a Leffe (or when in German-speaking lands, a large Hefeweissen) and a wall of sun. Look for him on the most brilliant terraces.
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