About Us

James Ramsay (b. 1964) has directed the launch of more than 15 broadcast and internet-based television channels in Europe and around the world. His experience comes from having worked in multiple hands-on capacities for the launch and operations of at least 15 other broadcast, mobile, and streaming services. Founder and Managing Director of Les Consultants Sabatini, he is also an authority on contemporary dance and avant-garde theatre. He currently operates out of Berlin.
  Rudolf Sabatini (1852-1911) Natural historian, philosopher, social critic. The pre-eminent media theorist of the Austro-Hungarian empire, Sabatini’s insights into digital television and particularly the impact of the internet on the distribution of video content set the standards for debate at the end of the 19th century, and still resonate today. Co-founder of Les Consultants Sabatini.
Rafael Sabatini (1875-1950). Author of swashbuckling epics Captain Blood (660kb), The Sea Hawk (680kb) and Scaramouche (724kb), the prolific Sabatini penned over one hundred historical romances during his long career. Les Consultants Sabatini takes its inspiration from the breezy and rebellious spirit of this godfather of brazen adventure. Click on the links above to download e-text copies of those titles. Rafael Sabatini is in no way connected to this website or its contents.