Down To Earth (2015)

Animated geology series. 5 x 3mins.

James Ramsay, Executive Producer

The inside story of planet Earth.
Far from being the mother figure, Earth is a vehement force of nature. This is the story of Earth – its origins, inner drama, shifts and quakes, violent eruptions but also a shield in our hour of need.

Download programme flyer (.pdf)

Math Is All Around Us (2015)

Animated short videos. Season 1: 5 x 3mins. Season 2:  10 x 3mins.

James Ramsay, Executive Producer

Math is an essential part of everyday life
The language of Mathematics is universal. You can see it throughout history, time and time again. Our highly evolved culture is deeply interwoven with numbers, measurements and formulas.

Download programme flyer (.pdf)

One Stop Science Shop (2016)

Live action + animation, science series for children.

James Ramsay, Executive Producer.

The place to go to answer all your science-related questions.

Do-it-yourself experiments, a hologram entry phone, and fun stories about great scientists help visiting kids to understand some of the trickiest principles of science.

Download programme flyer (pdf)

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